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What is Psychological Therapy?

Psychologists use the bio-psycho-social model to assess and assist people with their problems and improve their emotional well-being. Psychologists are trained to talk with people about their problems and concerns. They are experts at making people feel supported and heard. They also help people to better understand what they are experiencing and how to move […]

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Tailored Psychology Services

Brisbane Psychology Services tailored to meet your individual needs! We all cope with life’s challenges differently. The key to truly helping our clients means creating together a unique strategy that offers prompt, effective, and quality tailored psychology services that meet your individual needs.

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Shakespeare inspires Qld inmates

Inmates at a Queensland jail have taken to Shakespeare with their second performance of one of his world renowned plays. The latest rendition of Julius Caesar was performed this month at the Borallon Maximum Security Prison, west of Brisbane. Behind rolls of razor wire and heavy locked doors, a scene of violence, espionage and murder unfolded. The group […]

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The Bard would be proud of Shakespeareans inmates

Inmates perform Macbeth at Borallon Correctional Centre. After Macbeth was beheaded yesterday, the audience applauded enthusiastically and following a brief respite at the after-party, the actors returned to their cells. It was yet another successful performance of Shakespeare’s works by the inmates of the Borallon Correctional Centre near Ipswich, west of Brisbane. The director Rob […]

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