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Services Fees

Standard fees

Individual Therapy: $165.00 per session

Individual Therapy with Principle Psychologist (Mary Krishnan-McKenzie): $185.00

Provisional Psychologist: $40.00

Relationship Counselling: $210.00 initial consultation | $180.00 ongoing

Support Letters: $160.00

Supervision: $140-$175.00 per session

Court Reports and Assessments: at the discretion of the Psychologist

Intelligence Assessments and reports: At the discretion of the Psychologist

Memory Testing and Reports: At the discretion of the Psychologist



Available Rebates and Fee Assistance

MHCP (Medicare)

Under the government’s ‘Better Access to Mental Health Care’ (MHCP) initiative, limited Medicare rebates are available for treatment by registered psychologists. Individuals can get rebates for up to ten counselling sessions per calendar year. The rebate is $84.80 per session (see Medicare fact sheet found on the Medicare website for further explanation). We offer Bulk Billing to patients who have health care cards and a MHCP.

To receive Medicare rebates, you will need a referral from your GP (or a psychiatrist or pediatrician). They will complete a comprehensive mental health assessment form and give you a referral to a psychologist.

Private Health Insurance

We are registered with the major private health insurance organisations and have HICAPS terminals, which allow you to make your private health rebate claim on the spot as soon as you’ve paid. Alternatively, we can provide you with a receipt allowing you to claim your rebate from your insurer at a later date.

Work Cover

Reflections Psychology are Work Cover providers.

Employee Assistance Programs

Reflections Psychology are registered EAP providers

Reduced Fee Option

Reflections Psychology has Provisional Psychologists available to see clients at reduced rates. Please note medicare rebates are not able to be claimed for a session with a Provisional Psychologist.


Appointment Cancellations

If you need to cancel a session, please phone our service 24 hours before your appointment. A fee of $50.00 if a session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Of course we understand that genuine emergencies happen, so if you have a genuine emergency, which you could not foresee (e.g. car accident, rushed to hospital) the fee will be waived. If you forget your appointment, get called into work, confuse your appointment times etc. you will be held responsible for paying the missed fee.

We ask that in choosing to be a client of our service you commit to contacting us with 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel an appointment, or you accept responsibility for payment of the cancellation fee.



When do I pay?

Payment is normally due at the end of the session and may be paid by cash, credit card or EFTPOS.

How do I get my rebate?

Most of the time we can process Medicare rebates on the spot and transfer the funds directly into your bank account. To do this, you will need to make sure that you have registered your bank details with Medicare. For more information on how to do this, visit the Medicare page on the Department of Human Services website, or visit your closest Medicare office.

How do you decide how much to charge per session?

We have set our fee structure to balance our costs and not making the cost of therapy prohibitive.  This means our fees are well below those recommended by the Australian Psychological Society (APS). For example, APS recommended fee for a 45-60 min session is $235.