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Psychological Assessment

Reflections Psychology provides comprehensive assessments.

Each assessment is individualised to suit the needs of the client, but may include cognitive (WAIS-IV or WISC-V), memory (WMS-IV, CMS), or academic (WIAT-III) components. These assessments can be used for a range of different purposes including assessing for Intellectual Impairment, Learning Disorders, and Giftedness.

Assessments with Reflections Psychology will generally include a one hour initial to give your psychologist a chance to get to you, understand what you are seeking from your assessment, and discuss which batteries may be best for your individual needs. Most assessments will include approximately 4 hours of testing, usually spread over 2 days. This can vary greatly though, as each test can take anywhere from 45 minutes up to 3 hours to complete, depending on the individual person’s ability, speed, as well as other factors, like length of breaks. Finally, your psychologist will score, interpret, and write up your results into a comprehensive assessment report. This report will then be given to you during a one hour feedback session. During this session, your psychologist will take the time to go through the report and discuss these results and any recommendations with you.

Intelligence Assessments and reports: Between $1500.00 and $3000.00 (ranges dependent on the type of assessment and if several assessments are required.)

Memory Testing and Reports:  Between $1500.00 and $3000.00 (ranges dependent on the type of assessment and if several assessments are required.)

All our assessments are conducted via Q-Interactive! Check out their website to find out more: