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Court Reports

Presentence and Mitigation Reports

A pre-sentence report is an impartial psychological evaluation that is used to assist the courts to make informed sentencing decisions. Pre-sentence assessments are conducted following an individual’s legal charges (or facing potential charges) but prior to sentencing and are often requested to examine the mitigating factors related to the individual’s alleged actions.

  • These assessments include a psychological evaluation of the individual via clinical interview and psychometric testing, investigation of the context/circumstances of the allegations/actions, potential of re-offending as well as consideration of suitability for a variety of treatment options.
  • These reports also offer practical recommendations for the ongoing management, specialist support and treatment with the aim of returning an individual into a productive and fulfilling life.
  • Reflections Psychology provides pre-sentence Psychological court reports for clients regarding criminal matters in the magistrates and district court.


  • Have you been charged with a crime (e.g., domestic violence, crimes of a sexual nature, property offences, drug and alcohol related offences?)
  • Is there a potential for appearing in a tribunal, magistrate or district court?
  • We can provide professionally recognized, proven, objective and thorough assessment that can assist in your matter

Need a Reflections court report?

  • Either you or your lawyer can make an appointment for a 120-minute clinical interview with Reflections Psychology Services.
  • During the interview a variety of psychological tests will also be administered (e.g., depression, anxiety and stress).
  • Visits to Correctional Centre’s can easily be arranged.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • The fees vary dependent on the complexity of the report. Please call to discuss.
  • Legal Aid cases are accepted with a possible reduction in fees

The Benefits of Having a Pre-Sentence Court Report?

  • The Criminal Justice System in Australia takes the view that rehabilitation takes precedence in reducing the chances of reoffending.
  • The Court Report will provide the court with a specialist professional psychological assessment/interpretation of human behaviours that are often complex
  • The Court report can provide an assessment (if required) on re-offending potential as well as regarding a broad range of treatment options

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