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EMDR Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will it take?

The number of sessions depends upon the specific problem and client history. Repeated controlled studies have shown that a single trauma can be processed within limited sessions in 80-90% of the participants. The amount of therapy will depend on the complexity of the history. Please note complex trauma and developmental trauma could be more long term.


Will I live the trauma as intensely as before ?

Many people are conscious of only a shadow of the experience, while others fell it to a greater degree. Unlike some other therapies, EMDR therapy clients are not asked to relive the trauma intensely and for prolonged periods of time. In EMDR therapy, when there is a high level of intensity it only lasts for a few moments and then decreases rapidly. If it does not decrease rapidly on its own, the clinician has been trained in techniques to assist it to dissipate. Our Psychologists are all trained in resourcing techniques to relieve any distress.


Is this the same as hypnosis.

Unlike hypnosis you are alert awake and not in a trance like state as you would be under hypnosis.


What are the adverse effects ?

As with any form of psychotherapy, there may be a temporary increase in distress. This is managed with your Psychologist.