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Psychological Testing for Adults and Children

Reflections Psychology Services now have Psychological Testing available for both Adults and Children. The following assessment tools are available:


Intelligence and Cognitive Testing for Adults 


Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-V) is designed to measure intelligence and cognitive ability in adults and older adolescents. It is individually administered with IPads and takes approximately 2 hours for the assessment. The WAIS consists of 10 core subtests that can be used t produce a full scale IQ Score that comprises of four domains: Verbal Comprehension,Perceptual Reasoning, Working Memory and Processing Speed. Please contact us for further information.


Intelligence and Cognitive Testing for Children

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children- Fifth Edition, Australian Standard (WISC-V) is an individually administered and comprehensive clinical instrument used to assess the general thinking and reasoning skills of children aged six to 16 years. Test results include a  Full Scale Intelligence Quotient  (IQ) score as well as age-equivalent rankings and scores for verbal comprehension Visual Spatial, Fluid Reasoning Working Memory and Processing Speed composites. This test can be used for purposes of identifying and intellectual disability, giftedness, specific learning disabilities,placement in specialised programs and clinical intervention. The assessment usually requires 2 hours and is administered using IPads. Our clinicians are experienced in assessment and analysis. Please contact us for more information.


Academic Achievement 

The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test–III (WIATIII) is a standardized academic achievement test used to measure previously learned knowledge in the areas of Reading, Written Language, Mathematics, and Oral Language. The scores are based on age norms.